Welcome to Elysia

Legend of Elysia is the homebrew PC role playing game based on the events and characters of the Elysia "universe". It began in mid-2003 as a pet project and entertainment tool for the local guild, releasing its first demo before the end of the year. It was well received, but the build was upgraded soon after with better graphics, better play balancing, and a less rushed story. The second demo was never finished or released and by the end of 2004, the project was shelved.
Over the next several years, it was picked up and dropped with minor changes until fall of 2008 when it was officially relaunched into development. Again with all new and improved graphics but also a new stylish engine and original music. The game is still in early development as 2009 begins, but a demo is assumed to be released by the end of spring.

To learn even more about Elysia, you can visit the Elysian City Wiki for lots of information about the lands, the people, and the events. Just beware of spoilers!

*Nearly every character that had been a part of the Elysian "universe" will make an appearance, with over 30 characters available for play.
*The majority of the original music will be written by musician, Mozzaratti.
*Character art will feature the talents of Decadence.
*Many of the characters will have voice actors for certain sequences, like the battles.
*An anime-influenced animation is being developed as a music video style introduction to the game.
*Sub-quests and mini games will give the game a larger play surface. Including bounty hunting, fishing, scavenger hunt, and an achievement system.

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