This is a temporary miniature list to be extended at a later time.

Annotto Talisman Armor Acc All Talisman made by Cinnamon n/a
Beet Item Food All Veggies for health ??
Constable Badge Armor Acc Eli Eli's constable badge n/a
Curing Herb Item Item All Cures most ailments ??
Dark Tiara Armor Helm Shir Shir's Headgear n/a
Dentist Hammer Weapon Hammer Draxxy Draxxy's instrument of dentistry n/a
Druid Ring Armor Acc All Enhances magic ??
Emerald Ale Item Food All Shattered Emerald ale ??
Healer's Cloak Armor Acc Aedina Aedina's cloak n/a
Lacovia Talisman Armor Acc All Talisman made by Cinnamon n/a
Lemon Item Food All A sour fruit ??
Nerys Crossbow Weapon Crossbow Airika Airika's heirloom weapon n/a
Nightblade Weapon Sword Tetsuya Mysterious weapon of death n/a
Peace Keeper Armor Armor Armor Keepers Standard Keeper armor ??
Peace Keeper Helm Armor Helm Keepers Standard Keeper helmet ??
Peace Keeper Shield Armor Shield Keepers Standard Keeper shield ??
Pie Item Food All Mmm, good sweets ??
Plumber's Cap Armor Helm Draxxy Strangely familiar red cap ??
Redgate Talisman Armor Acc All Talisman made by Cinnamon n/a
Ribbon Scarf Armor Armor Shir Some might debate this as armor ??
Ryssa's Lute Item Music Ryssa Ryssa's stringed instrument n/a
Shale Ring Armor Acc All Dark ring ??
Simple Ring Armor Acc All Boring metal ring ??
Smelling Salts Item Item All Wake ally from stun ??
Snacking Cheese Item Food All Eli's snack of choice ??
Stinger Weapon Sword Bale Balestarius' sword n/a
Strawberry Item Food All Tasty fruit ??
Sunflower Seeds Item Food All Quick nibblings, favorite of many ??
Ti Sash Armor Armor Rust Rust's most powerful sash n/a
Trader's Ring Armor Acc All Denotes a tradesmaster ??
Ultium's Spear Weapon Spear Ultium Ultium's handmade spear n/a
White Rose Pin Armor Acc Special Denotes members of Order of the White Rose n/a
Yallah Talisman Armor Acc All Talisman made by Cinnamon n/a
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