Features Overview

This is awkward at best to put down at present as not all the features are confirmed though many have been tested without fail so far. But without further ado, here's the rundown.


Aside from some subtle customization allowed to all the characters in your party and optional side quest story lines, you can also play each chapter in the order you'd like (each chapter is divided in between party leaders you can follow for that section of the game like a mini story, before moving on to the next party leader for their story. Once all the available leaders have been played through, you move on to the next chapter). There are also multiple endings. Currently, three are planned but more are hoped for. So yes, the choices you make will change the course of the game!

Mini Games

Bounty hunts for wanted criminals.
Fishing for food, money, or even items.
Gambling with games of chance and cards.
Many more games at the carnival grounds.

Collection with Benefits

With the proper set of tools and skills, you can engage in mining for minerals, gathering herbs, growing things in a garden and more to give you items for selling, use, or combining for unique and powerful effects.


Hinted at in the Collection post, you can gather items and have them combined for more powerful or varied affect items. This doesn't just cover herb making or cooking your own foods either, but also weapons making (thanks to Tarel and other blacksmiths), armor making (thanks to Tetsuya and other tailors), and even special item making like Cinnamon's Talismans.


It's a minor thing but hey, I'm sure you'd like to know a little more about that creature of villain you just dispatched, right?

Gathering of Heroes

While current version only allows for four characters to travel with you at a time, there's currently over 30 characters who may be swapping in and out of the party during the course of the game, with the intention of being able to recruit most of them be the final chapter for your own unique style of play. Also, many characters not featured as directly playable will be able to be called upon as a "summon".

Voice Overs

While most of the dialogue will be text only, as much of the battle events as possible will be voice acted to add all the more excitement to the mix.

Combination Skills

Some characters can combine the effects of their attacks for a more powerful or altered state of attack. Just as a loose example, a mage casts fire on the foe as a swordsman uses a dashing slash skill. The result could be the swordsman turns ablaze for a slashing fire attack!

Animated Intro

While a sketchy addition for now, LoE is intended to have a full on 4 minute anime music video style intro. Don't hold your breath to be too blown away… :P

**Original Score
While possible there will be some songs that are remixes of something you may recognize, the majority of the soundtrack will be written specifically for the game by digital musician, Mozzaratti.

Support Skills

Equippable passive support skills so you can add a special boost to a set of your choice. These are very likely tied to a character's subclass so they can be upgraded as the character levels.

A Sea of Items

100s if not 1000s of various items ranging from serious to silly, powerful to mundane, and from needless knickknack to all important key to the next area.


Achievement systems are popular for a reason! It can be an enjoyable challenge in itself just to unlock them all. And yes, you do get bonuses for fulfilling challenges. The only thing we sadly can't provide is an online portion so you can share and brag about your exploits. However, we will add a page to the wiki dedicated for just that if there's a calling for it!


While the locales aren't as varied as most games as the majority of the plot takes place on the isle of Elysia, there is enough variety to keep players happy and interested with uniquely different towns, ancient ruins, dense forests, mountain paths, and even massive battlegrounds. But this isn't all, there are many secret locations off the beaten path that will reward you with items, secret boss encounters, achievement bonuses, and more.

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